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RhinoCAM-TURN is a powerful 2 axis Turning Center programming system that is one of the five modules offered in the RhinoCAM software suite. This module includes Turn Roughing, Finishing, Groove Roughing, Finishing, Threading, Parting and hole machining. It offer a large number of free post processors. RhinoCAM-TURN for your lathes and turning centers delivers outstanding value for your investment.


Download a free trial of RhinoCAM 2015 CAM Software:


RhinoCAM 2015 TURN


Use the following resources to get started with RhinoCAM 2015 TURN:

Watch a feature presentation overview of RhinoCAM 2015 - TURN
Learn about the new features in RhinoCAM 2015
RhinoCAM 2015 – TURN Quick Start Guide
RhinoCAM 2015 – TURN Quick Start Guide Document

Feature list

The table below summarizes the various features found in RhinoCAM-TURN.


2-Axis Turning 
Roughing yes
Finishing yes
Groove Roughing yes
Groove Finishing yes
Threading yes
Follow Curve yes
Parting Off yes
Upgraded 3D Model Slicing yes
Global Part Object yes
Materials for Stock Models yes
Knowledge Base Loading and Saving yes
Tool Path Viewer yes
MopSets yes
Machine Control Operations yes
Fixture Offset Operations yes
Drag and drop operations from Knowledge Base yes
Diameter programming migrated to VisualTURN from Post yes
Hole Making 
Drilling yes
Tapping yes
Boring yes
Reverse Boring yes
Toolpath Simulation 
Toolpath Animation yes
Cut Material Simulation yes
Part to Stock Comparison yes
Post-Processor Generator 
User customizable post-processor generator yes