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RhinoCAM-ART 2015 is a CAM module within RhinoCAM 2014 that is used to convert artwork into geometry suitable for machining. This module introduces exciting new modeling techniques for modeling artistic shapes using raster bitmap images. Used in conjunction with RhinoCAM’s 3D modeling tools, it offers a complementary set of modeling techniques for jewelry design, sign making and model making.


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RhinoCAM 2015 ART


Use the following resources to get started with RhinoCAM - ART 2015:

Watch a feature presentation overview of RhinoCAM - ART 2015
Learn about the new features in RhinoCAM - ART 2015
RhinoCAM – ART 2015 Quick Start Guide
RhinoCAM - ART 2015 - Quick Start Guide Dokument
Turn Tutorials
Tutorial 1 Explains how to create 3D relief and swept volumes Video
Tutorial 2 Explains how to create raster to vector and puffed volume Video
Tutorial 3 Explains how to create a 3D image from a picture file using RhinoART and then machining this part file using the RhinoCAM features Video

Feature list

Create 3D Relief from bitmap image files yes
Ability to limit creation of reliefs using colors and/or curves yes
Create puffed up 3D volumes using closed curves yes
Create 3D sweep volumes using various profiles yes
Combine 3D volumes using various Boolean operations during creation yes
Export created 3D volumes as Mesh geometry to CAD system yes
Convert 3D CAD geometry to ART 3D volumes yes
Create 2D Curve geometry from image files using Raster to Vector operations yes
All operations are associative to CAD geometry used in creation yes
Save and reuse previously created 3D volumes using Shape Library functionality yes