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FreeMILL – Free CAD/CAM Software for CNC

FreeMILL, as the name indicates, is a free wizard based CAD/CAM software for programming CNC mills from MecSoft Corporation. Yes, it is completely free with no time limit, part limit, post limit, or lines of code limit!

FreeMILL runs as a plug-in on VisualCAD, which is also a completely free CAD system from MecSoft Corporation. If you already use another CAD system such as Rhinoceros, SolidWorks and Geomagic Design, FreeMILL also runs as a plug-in inside these systems. (Note that these CAD systems are not included with FreeMILL and will have to be purchased separately.)

Free Milling

With FreeMILL you will be able to:

  1. Create one type of toolpath called Parallel Milling where the cutter is driven along a series of parallel planes to machine the part geometry.
  2. Run full cutting and material simulation of the toolpath
  3. Output G code to your machine tool of choice

Free CAD

If you are running FreeMILL inside VisualCAD – a completely free CAD system from MecSoft Corporation, you will be able to use VisualCAD’s numerous free CAD functions including:

  1. Import of various CAD formats including IGES, STEP & STL files
  2. Create and edit wireframe geometry such as Lines, Arcs, Circles and NURBS
  3. Create and Edit mesh models
  4. Create Solids and Surfaces with NURBS faces
  5. Dimension & Analyze and CAD models
  6. Work with multiple viewports and shaded views

Download a free trial of VisualCAD/CAM/3DPRINT 2015 (includes FreeMILL)

Screen Shot

FreeMILL 2015


Use the following resources to get started with FreeMILL:

Download the FreeMILL product and take it for a spin

An instructional video on how to install and use of FreeMILL

Feature List

The table below summarizes the various features found in FreeMILL.

View BarFreeMill
Dynamic Rotate, Pan & Center check
Dynamic Zoom, Fit Extents check
Standard Orthographic Views check
Cutting DirectionFreeMill
Set Tool Axis Direction check
Create Box Stock check
Machine CoordinatesFreeMill
Machine Zero Specification check
Ball, Flat and Corner Radius Mills check
Feeds & SpeedsFreeMill
Cutting Speed definition check
3D Axis MillingFreeMill
Parallel Finishing along X-axis check
Parallel Finishing along Y-axis check
Toolpath SimulationFreeMill
Cut Material Simulation check
Post-Processor GeneratorFreeMill
Post-process to specific controller check