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For complete monitoring of your IT infrastructure

ATATER is a powerful monitoring system that enables organizations to identify and resolve infrastructure problems before they begin to affect the core business processes of the entire business system. The software checks the functioning cluster systems, servers and clients, and generates alerts that can be delivered to technical staff via e-mail or SMS, which enables tracking and the ability to complete control of a computer systems.

Unlike similar software products, ATATER works on the lowest hardware platform (server with 1GB of RAM and a 1GHz processor; system solution is based on the GNU / Linux OS thus there is no need to buy any additional licenses of server operating systems). GSM/SMS modem for sending messages may be a 3G USB modem offered by local mobile operator or any of the free offer.


ATATER comparative advantages compared to other products are:

  • One-time purchase with no mandatory annual license extension, and the payment on this basis
  • Technical support at no additional payments directly from the developer
  • All required software modules are delivered to a specific customer in the first phase of delivery
  • User training is up to 2 days on basis of a "turnkey"
  • Sending SMS notifications using the existing user's device, which ensures the independence of the internet link
  • The initial cost up to 10 times lower than similar products (base price of the product, hardware and software platform, support and maintenance of the supplier, the cost of system maintenance with users, etc.).
  • Independent of the hardware and software of the operating system environment and application
  • The minimum hardware requirements for the system
  • It does not require licensing of software modules necessary for operating the software - completely free software platform for installation ATATER is based on the Linux OS.

monitoring - WEB console

On-screen display of Web console

email - network status

On-screen display of email information