Bongo 2.0

Bongo 2.0 - Animation for designers

Bongo 2.0. More power to animate in Rhino.

Fully Bongo 1.0 compatible - and just as easy to use.

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What is new

What is new

Bongo 2.0 - animation for designers

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System Requirements

System Requirements and Recommendations

Bongo has the same minimum system requirements as Rhino 5.

Rhino 5 for Windows runs on ordinary Windows desktop and laptop computers, with:


Note: Apple hardware is supported only with Bootcamp.

Operating systems:

Note: Both 32- and 64-bit versions are installed on 64-bit Windows systems.


Not supported:



Bongo 2.0

Bongo 2.0 beta program is over. You are invited to try the evaluation version. Details...

Bongo 1.0 Evaluation version

Try before you buy. This is a fully functional version with the limitation that it saves animation data only 30 times. Rhino 3.0 or 4.0 is required...

Service Release 8

A few new commands, a few dozen bug fixes, and Rhino 3.0 and 4.0 support. Download...

Bonus Tools

A suite of additional commands to give you greater control over keyframe manipulation. The tools are updated regularly, so check back often. Download...


Tools to allow C++ Rhino plug-in developers to code Bongo specific commands. Includes complete source code for the Bonus Tools. Developers only. Download...