Chaos Group Official Partner

Prolux-Universal d.o.o. is Robert McNeel authorized dealer, that is, (Rhino3D, Flamingo, Penguin, Bongo) software dealer for the territory of Serbia and Montenegro. Also, Prolux-Universal is authorized dealer of Chaos Group (V-Ray, Pdplayer, Phoenix FD), iCapp (rhinoreverse, panelshop). Prolux-Universal is the member of IBM Partner World, Lenovo Partner Network and Microsoft Partner Network. Our business is focused on the following fields:

  • Selling and supporting of Robert MCNeel products
  • Selling and supporting of Chaos Group products
  • Selling and supporting of the products of companies like Microsoft, KasperskyLab, Adobe, Symantec ...
  • IT consulting and hardware and software maintenance, based on Microsoft operating systems, and linux distributions.
  • Computer networking – planning, carrying out, consulting and maintenance.
  • Industrial, graphical and WEB design.
  • Industrial engineering and reengineering in general and especially in the field of automation of machines and processes.
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